Our Story

Simply Indian

The side profile of a Lion – displays pride, strength, courage – without looking too aggressive since the brand as an F&B one and should come across as comforting.

A King’s Crown – 1. The lion is the king of the jungle, 2. Indicates Royalty of the Brand, 3. At Sher-e-Punjab, provide our customers a royal and majestic experience.

The Symbolism of a Wine glass is of celebration, festivity and good times ahead. At Sher E Punjab, we raise a toast of honor and goodwill to our customers and their bright and happy future.

A criss cross fork and knife for an exceptional fine dining experience with us.

Virsa's Story

We serve with a great concern about our customer’s satisfaction and their health.
We are and will always be with our customers and provide good and fresh foods which are rich in required nutrients.